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Makha Shermat is an international master of sports. He has successfully competed at the top national and international level in amateur boxing. His coaching experience is 17 years. He has trained the national boxing and kickboxing team of Finland, also worked in Germany and Australia.

Makha Shermat is a professional boxing promoter in Russia. He organized 50 tournaments and events such as: national championship of Russia, intercontinental IBF championship, rating fights, and the first in Russia boxing show featuring stars of Russian show-business.

One of the achievements that can be attributed to Makha's activity is the organizing of the first professional type of sports in Russia, which was kickboxing. In the end 80's and beginning of 90's in USSR, a league of professional kickboxers was established. Former martial artists (karate), boxers and even wrestlers took part in the creation of the League. One of the inspirer of the establishing of the league of professional kickboxing was Uri Stupenkov, who became its president.

It is worth mentioning that it was the establishment of the Professional Kickboxing League that marked the rise of the professional sport in Russia. The league organized several World, European and USSR championships. The guest of the events were famous sportsmen and actors: Chuck Norris, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Jean Claude van Damme. The presence of such celebrities proved the high level of the championships.

The pilgrims of the professional kickboxing in our country were the World and European champion Vadim Ukraincev, Eugeni KIselev, and Makha student Alexandr Ivanov.

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