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 Boxing today.

Recently, the interest in the sport of boxing is rekindled in the world. Boxing will be demanded both as a type of sport and an entertainment show like it was in 90's. Better times for boxing
are coming and a new era in boxing to begin in the coming years.

Currently in professional boxing is undergoing serious changes. These are slight modifications of rules, a struggle between different federations and sub-federations for the
dominance at the top, and outflow of the best boxers and titles to Europe.

In different weight classes, many good boxers have appeared now, who are ready to compete against the best boxers from abroad. Definitely, Russian boxers have made their names known in the world and soon the major boxing events will move to Russia partly!

No doubt, Russia has a chance to become the major boxing world power. We have good coaches, one of the best boxing school and traditions in the world, and a strong masculine spirit of a winner. Many foreign agents are coming to Russia and negotiating about the participation of Russian fighters in serious events.

Holding of professional boxing tournaments:

Fights between professional boxers is a spectacular show which is very popular and respected among the audience. During the year, 7-8 shows are held in Moscow and other big Russian cities. The intrigue is sustained by offering 5-7 fights during one show. The audience is entertained between fights by a special program containing exhibition fights and performances of the show guests.

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