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Training Tips

Tips of this section are suited for professional boxers in the first place.


Nutrition during general workout:

- Avoid consuming many dairy products, because they are poorly excreted. If you have a desire to achieve in sports greatly,
much better to abandon the use of dairy food at all.
- Same holds for fatty food. However, it is ok to eat fatty food five-six hours before the main workout

Nutrition during preparation for a fight:

- While preparing for a fight, it is possible to eat low fat or lean meat, preferably poultry or bird meat.
- Drinking lots of water (no gas) is recommended from 2.5 to 3 litter per day. Carbonated water (with gas), especially soft drinks with sugar,
are not recommended. Drinking lots of water right before the training or during the working out is not recommended.
- If there is a need to drop weight, it is better to drink than to eat. If the weight loss is going hard, then the amount of consumed water should be
decreased (for weights below 63.5 kg the amount of water should not exceed a litter per day)
- Drinking of sweet juices, especially with pulp, is not recommended
- If during the weight loss you want to eat fatty food, but meanwhile you want the skin fat level not increasing, it is necessary to drink pineapple juice or eat a pineapple.
- The best is to have main meals twice per day in the morning and in the evening. In the evening a light dinner is recommended: no bread, fat or milk food, the best is fruit or vegetable salad.


General training process

In the morning hold 1-1.5 hour gymnastics, calisthenics and athletics:

- Jogging no less than 3 km
- Rope skipping
- Shadow boxing
- Push-ups
- Abs workout

In the evening is the main workout that should last from 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes depending on the degree of preparation
required for competition and the type of event, for example, a rating fight, an eliminator, a world championship,
an intercontinental championship, a national championship.

There must be 5 main workouts, 6 morning workouts, and jogging on a day-off during a fight preparation up to 3 km.

Daily regime

For professional fighters:

- Sleep from 19-00-20-00 till 4-30, then jogging and a light breakfast.
- 1-2 hours of sleep, morning exercises
- After lunch, sleep 1-2 hours, then the main workout

For amateur boxers:

- Sleep from 22-30 till 7-00, then jogging.
- Rest after breakfast
- After lunch, sleep 1-2 hours

General advice:

More rope skipping from 30 to 50 minutes. It develops coordination movements between arms and legs,
increases the speed of hands, and, to a greater extent, legs, develops shoulder and wrist joints.

More jogging variation such running the "snake", running with elevation variations, running on the sand, etc.

Pay more attention to technique (dips, bobs, weaves), tactics (the initiation of the attack, avoiding attacks). Currently, few coaches focus on tactical and technical training of athletes. This is unacceptable in preparation of boxers.

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